Why choose the Law Firm of lawyer Khaled Al Habout?

1. Because it is, a law firm specialized in the drafting and notarizing of contracts as well as commercial and criminal litigation.

2. Because it gained tremendous trust from many corporations and individuals

3. It is based on responsibility in dealing with clients

4. Because lawyer Khaled Al Habout has different academic qualifications in Sharia Fiqh and Legal Fiqh He also holds a Master’s degree from the Higher Judicial Institution and a current PhD student there.

5. Because he has a legal experience due to his work as a legal advisor and consultant in different law firms followed by his work as a consultant at Al Rajhi Bank to later become Head of the Legal Department and finally to work as a lawyer.

6. His policy about the firm’s client is to be particular and selective when choosing them, following the quality over quantity rule. That is to be able to maintain the clients’ rights and to raise the level of service provided to them.

7. He is well connected to people from different society backgrounds like judges , executives and others


The strategic plan

Because we believe in the importance of planning and that success needs a clear vision, a higher message, and the pursuit of goals, we have created this plan.

Mission: Defend and protect the rights of our clients; to provide them with solutions.

Vision: To become, by the grace of God, the most powerful law firm in the Arabian Gulf.

Our values:  Fidelity, proficiency, performance and pioneering.

1. Conduct business with government bodies and major companies.
2. Expand our firm to other parts of the Kingdom.
3. To partner with international law firms
4. To partner with distinctive lawyers

Our Clients:


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