1. Lawyer/ Khalid Al-Habout participated in one of satellite channels discussing Article 77 of labor law and the relationship between a worker and an establishment.

2. Training Princess Noura University students, (Systems Section), on legal skills for a semester.

3. An article by lawyer Khaled Al-Habout in Tawasul Newspaper titled “Editing the case between the theory of the case and the theory of truth.” http://twasul.info/692170

4. Lawyer/ Khaled Al-Habout’s statement on “beating the wife for checking her husband’s mobile” https://sabq.org/xFDmLZ

5. Lawyer/ Khaled Al-Habout’s statement on penalties of” the dancing girl and car owner” Sabq Newspaper https://sabq.org/Dqkn56

6. Lawyer/ Khaled Al-Habout’s Article “Effects of Business Contract in Law” Alyaum Newspaper. http://www.alyaum.com/article/3124955

7. Lawyer/ Khaled Al-Habout’s Article” Rights of employees in the Labor Law” Alyaum Newspaper


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