Conflict of Interest

We realize our professional obligations towards our clients, where we have never worked with an entity that interests might conflict with our clients’ interest. We also take into consideration what was stipulated in Article (11) of the Legal System concerned with the obligations and responsibilities of lawyers, which obligates the lawyer to practice his/her profession in accordance with the judicial principles and the applicable systems. Article (14) of the same system also reaffirmed that no lawyer can directly, or through another lawyer, to handle any claims or give any legal consultation against an entity he/she works at, or against any entity that he/she left within 5 years of terminating his/her relationship with that entity.


Commitment to the safekeeping of confidential information is one of the most important things the team at the firm takes into consideration. We protect information exchanged between our establishment and clients regarding any confidential information related to their business and projects, whether communicated in writing or verbally, alongside any technical or professional information. We do not disclose any of the aforementioned information in any way. This is placed upon us by our professional and legal obligation, which is stipulated in Article (23) of the Legal System.


It is of utmost importance that we do not disclose any technical or financial information concerning any projects that are in relation to us as legal establishment and we realize and acknowledge that the release of any such information is considered against the nature of our relationship with our clients and contradicts the values and principles of the legal profession as well as the Legal System.

Experience and Competencies

Our legal establishment acquired a great amount of knowledge and practical experience in different fields of the legal business, through providing specialized legal consultations and the representation of a great number of important clients of trade, industry and insurance. This resulted in high expertise and competence gained by our legal team in litigation and representation in front of the Administrative Courts, Commercial Courts, General Courts and the competent judiciary committees. In turn, our legal team has the experience in representing government bodies in front of the Administrative Judiciary by way of defending the legitimacy of their decisions.

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